SKB International (SKBI) consists of a talented and diverse group of architects, engineers, project managers, construction managers, and planners that have designed, managed and executed over 150 projects around the world.

To best serve our international clients, SKBI has developed strong partnerships with regional architecture and engineering firms around the world to offer clients strong local knowledge and on-site support with the expertise of world-class international design professionals. These partnerships ensure that our clients and projects in any geographic location will get the best service possible.

Based in Washington, DC, SKBI maintains additional offices in Arlington, Virginia; Chicago, Illinois; Palo Alto, California; and offices overseas in Sri Lanka; the United Arab Emirates; and Saudi Arabia. Projects are developed around-the-clock with at least one parter and one principal involved throughout the planning, design, and construction process to actively serve the client. SKBI has worked on a variety of projects including new office building complexes in Yemen, Bangledesh and Abu Dhabi; and numerous corporate renovation projects throughout the United States.


SKBI’s ultimate goal is to assist our clients in formulating and articulating a vision for their company through understanding how the company sees its personnel and how they should work together. With our combined design expertise and local knowledge, the SKBI team is prepared to deliver world-class design and engineering services through progressive thinking, innovation, and ingenuity.