SKB International (SKBI) has developed a quick deployment approach to the design process for international projects. Generally, at the outset of the project, a team of experienced architects will collect programming information, site measurements and building specifics. Our team will then develop initial space plans and schematics to build a physical model. The SKBI team will then meet with the client’s project representative and review the initial design plan. This meeting will provide a quick analysis of the initial idea and an opportunity for changes to occur early in the design process.

Multinational clients generally seek to reconcile an extremely diverse range of office cultures and expectations. This diversity creates an opportunity to establish a unique and focused global vision for the company’s workplace with minor variations which adapt to local customs between different offices.

While space planning standards and design elements play an important role in expressing this vision, the essential element to corporate design is the way human resources are leveraged through interaction. A company’s product or service is the outcome of interaction between people working towards a common goal, and designing an environment that enhances this interaction can be more involved than simple space planning.

SKBI will assist the client in formulating and articulating a vision about how the company sees its personnel and how they should work together. This becomes the measuring stick for evaluating the program and the plans that follow.